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We are Wedemotions Team specialize in creating unique wedding videos that capture the most important moments of your special day in Toronto, GTA, Europe. Our team of professional videographers and editors, passionate about art, strives to capture every emotion, every sigh, and every laughter, so that your memories of the wedding remain vivid and beautiful throughout your life.

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What we offer

Create the stories you want people to remember.

  • Highlight Video:

    A brief video typically lasting from 3 to 5 minutes, highlighting bright and significant moments of the wedding, beautiful shots, and key events, ideal for quick and emotional reminiscence of the wedding.

  • Short Film:

    A small film usually lasting from 10 to 20 minutes, providing a more comprehensive representation of the wedding day, creating a special atmosphere for longer viewing and cinematic storytelling of the wedding.

  • Full Film:

    A full-length film typically lasting from 60 to 90 minutes or even longer, the most detailed, covering all events from the bride and groom preparations to the last dances at the wedding party, serving as an archive of your special day.

  • LoveStory:

    A romantic clip about pre-wedding life: Unique stories of your love captured against the beautiful landscapes of Toronto. It can also be scripted.

  • Same Day Edit (SDE):

    Instantaneous clips: Impress your guests with an instant montage showcasing the preparation, ceremony, and walk. A perfect conclusion to your wedding day.

  • Wedding Invitations:

    Share your excitement with family and friends by creating beautiful video invitations.

  • Drone Coverage for Weddings:

    Elevate your wedding video with stunning aerial footage captured by our skilled drone operators. From panoramic views of your venue to captivating shots of your ceremony, our drone service adds a unique perspective to your special day, creating unforgettable moments that will last a lifetime.

  • Family Events Coverage:

    Documenting Important Moments: From birthdays to family holidays.

wedding ceremony of the newlyweds on the pier
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What our happy Bride & Grooms had to say about our services:

Alice and Andrew

Everything is so cool, I knew your would do it at the highest level, we were touched:) We even cried!!!!! Thank you.... Super!!! Truly amazing.

Liam and Sophie

Wow!!! Oh my God, how amazing!!! We are thrilled:) You are awesome!!! Thank you so much!!!!

Dimitri and Katarina

It was a pleasure working with you! You are professionals at what you do. You captured all the important moments of our day!


Frequently Ask Questions

Choosing us as your wedding videographers is justified for several reasons: Experience and Professionalism: We have over 13 years of experience in wedding videography in Toronto. Our team consists of experienced professionals ready to capture every moment of your special day with exceptional technical and emotional precision. Individual Approach: We understand that every wedding is unique, and we strive to reflect your individuality in every frame. We carefully listen to your wishes and suggestions to create a video that reflects your unique story and the mood of your celebration. Quality and Creativity: We provide more than just a video recording; we offer a story of your love created with love and creativity. Our team aims for perfection in every frame, every edit, and every detail to make your video not just a documentation of the event but a genuine work of art. Professionalism and Trust: We take pride in our reputation as reliable and professional wedding videographers. Our approach to work is characterized by responsibility and dedication to quality, making us a dependable partner on the most important day of your life. Transparency and Honesty: We maintain honest and transparent relationships with our clients. Our pricing policy is clear, and we are always ready to answer all your questions and accommodate your preferences. Preservation of Your Story: If you ever lose your wedding film, you can always restore it by contacting us. By choosing us as your wedding videographers, you can be sure that your event will be captured with love, professionalism, and attention to every detail.

Our team has been shooting weddings for over 13 years. During this time, we have gathered rich experience, creating unique and memorable videos for our clients. Our experience allows us to confidently handle various situations at weddings and accurately convey the emotions and important moments of this special day. We always strive to evolve, stay updated on the latest trends in the wedding industry, and continuously improve our skills to offer only the best to our clients.

The difference between having one operator and two operators for wedding videography can be significant and depends on several factors:


1.Event Coverage: A single operator may focus on specific moments and angles, while two operators can cover more scenes and perspectives simultaneously. This is especially important for weddings where multiple events happen concurrently.


2.Variety of Perspectives: Two operators allow for capturing a wider range of moments and emotions since they can work with different angles and perspectives simultaneously. This can enrich the final video with more diverse and interesting shots.


3.Safety and Reliability: In case of technical issues or unexpected situations, one of the operators can continue shooting with two operators, while there's a risk of missing key moments when working with just one operator.


4.Deeper Immersion: Each operator can focus on their tasks and delve deeper into their work. This can lead to more quality-oriented and detail-oriented shots.

Overall, the choice between one or two operators depends on your preferences, budget, and expectations for the final result. Both options have their advantages, and the choice depends on what aligns more with your vision and needs.

Highlight Video:


Duration: Typically 3 to 5 minutes.

Content: This is a brief video highlighting the most vibrant and significant moments of your wedding. The focus is on emotional moments, beautiful shots, and key events.

Purpose: A Highlight Video is created for quick and emotional reminiscence of the wedding. It's great for sharing on social media and watching with friends and family.


Short Film:


Duration: Usually 10 to 20 minutes.

Content: It offers a more comprehensive representation of your wedding day compared to a Highlight Video. A Short Film includes more details and content, such as interviews, guest wishes, the couple's story, and other additional moments.

Purpose: A Short Film allows for a more detailed and cinematic storytelling of your wedding. It's intended for longer viewing sessions and creating a special atmosphere.


Full Film:


Duration: Typically 60 to 90 minutes or even longer.

Content: The Full Film is the most comprehensive and detailed of all formats. It encompasses all events, starting from the bride and groom preparations and ending with the last dances at the wedding party. It's a documentary narrative of your wedding day.

Purpose: The Full Film allows you to relive your wedding day again and again, reproducing every moment, every emotion, and every action. It serves as an archive of your special day.

Each of these formats has its own characteristics and purposes, and the choice depends on your preferences, expectations, and budget.

  1. A Same-Day Edit (SDE) is a video montage that is assembled and edited on the same day as the event, such as a wedding. Here are several reasons why SDEs are so compelling:


2.Instant Memories: SDEs allow for an instant recollection of the wedding day since they are ready for viewing during the event itself.


3.Surprise and Emotion: Guests can witness a brief video capturing the key moments of the wedding, which can be a truly exciting and emotional experience.


4.Guest Reactions: Watching the reactions of guests as they see footage from the wedding day included in the SDE can also be amazing.


5.Evening Highlight: An SDE can serve as a wonderful highlight for the evening.


6.Uniqueness and Creativity: Creating an SDE requires a creative approach and the ability to quickly gather and edit footage, making it unique and interesting.

Our videography style encompasses several key aspects that make our videos unique and memorable:


1.Cinematic Quality: We aim to create videos that look like real movies. The use of high-quality equipment, play of light and shadow, and skilled editing help us achieve this goal. We also discuss with you in advance how you envision your wedding film.


2.Emotional Depth: We strive to capture and convey not only the visual moments but also the emotions, feelings, and atmosphere of your wedding day. We seek to create videos that evoke emotions and leave a lasting impression.


3.Individual Approach: We take into account the individual characteristics of each couple and their wedding event. We communicate with you to understand your story, preferences, and expectations, and we aim to reflect that in our work.


4.Unobtrusive Presence: During the wedding celebration, we strive to be unobtrusive to those around us while capturing all the important moments of the wedding that you might have missed in the whirlwind of events.


5.Professionalism and Quality: We ensure a high level of professionalism in all aspects of our work, from equipment to editing and video processing. We strive for perfection in every frame so that your wedding video is perfect in every way.

When you fully pay for the services of a wedding videographer, we guarantee that all the terms of the contract will be fulfilled completely. Our goal is to provide you with a quality video of your wedding, reflecting every important moment and emotion of your special day. Before starting the work, we enter into a contract that clearly defines all the details, including timelines, costs, and the scope of services. We commit to fulfilling all the terms of the contract and maintaining open communication with you throughout the entire process of preparation and execution of the wedding. Your trust and satisfaction with the outcome of our work are extremely important to us.

We value collaborating with different photographers to ensure your wedding memories are captured professionally and beautifully. Our team communicates with your chosen photographer beforehand to align plans and schedules for the wedding day, ensuring a seamless workflow. We respect their expertise and collaborate closely to create a supportive environment, enabling us to capture the best moments.


During the event, we coordinate our movements with the photographer, respecting their chosen positions and angles. This collaboration ensures that we capture the essence of your day from multiple perspectives. After the wedding, we exchange materials and work together to process and deliver the final photos and videos, ensuring you receive a comprehensive and cohesive collection of memories that reflect the magic of your special day.

If your wedding is located outside of Toronto, we are open to discussing the possibility of providing our services in other locations. We are willing to discuss the details of your event and determine whether we can accommodate your needs at the specified venue.


In the event that your location is far from Toronto, we can explore various options, such as additional expenses for travel and accommodation for our team, as well as logistical considerations and the time required to prepare and conduct the wedding.


Please feel free to reach out to us to discuss all the details of your event and inquire about our ability to provide services in your region. We are ready to consider all your requests and find the best solution for you.

The time required for editing wedding videos can vary depending on several factors, including:

  1. Amount of Footage: The more footage we have to work with, the longer it may take for editing. This includes recordings of the ceremony, reception, interviews, congratulations, and other moments of the wedding.
  2. Video Style: If you prefer a more cinematic or documentary style of video, it can also affect the editing time. A cinematic style typically requires more attention to detail and color correction.
  3. Client Collaboration: It's important to consider the time spent interacting with the client, gathering feedback, and making adjustments to the video according to their preferences.

Typically, the editing time for wedding videos ranges from several weeks to several months, depending on the factors mentioned above and the videographers' workload. We aim to ensure that each video is of the highest quality and meets your expectations, so sometimes this process may take some time.

It is recommended to book the services of a wedding videographer as soon as possible after you have determined the date and location of your wedding. Here are a few reasons why early booking makes sense:


1.Availability Guarantee: Popular wedding videographers can be booked months or even years in advance. Booking early will help ensure that you have chosen the one you really want.


2.Budget Planning: By booking a videographer in advance, you can allocate your budget and understand how much you are willing to spend on video shooting and editing services.


3.Consultation Opportunity: By booking a videographer in advance, you will have more time to discuss your ideas, preferences, and video requirements. This will also allow the videographer to better understand your vision and prepare for the shoot.


4.Avoiding Stress: Booking services in advance will help you avoid stress before the wedding. When you already know that the videographer is reserved for you, you can focus on other important aspects of wedding planning.


Typically, it is recommended to book a wedding videographer 6-12 months before the wedding date, especially if your wedding is planned during the peak season. However, if you are planning a wedding on shorter notice, it still makes sense to reach out to videographers to inquire about their availability.

During your wedding day, we work with you according to a prearranged plan and your preferences. Here's a general overview of how we typically work:



We usually start filming with the preparations of the bride and groom. This is a moment when we can capture the emotions and excitement they experience before the ceremony.

We strive to capture key moments of preparation, such as the bride getting dressed, hair and makeup styling, as well as moments of interaction with friends and family.



We follow you during the ceremony, capturing every emotional moment and important detail. We also film the guests and your parents. We strive to be unobtrusive and discreet to maintain the atmosphere.


Photo Session:

After the ceremony, we typically conduct a photo session with you and your loved ones. We create beautiful and candid shots, capturing your joy and happiness on this special day. We'll also provide guidance on how to look your best on camera.


Reception and Celebration:

During the reception and celebration, we continue filming, capturing fun and emotional moments such as toasts, dances, cake cutting, and other traditional wedding reception activities.

We may also conduct interviews with guests to capture their congratulations and well-wishes for you.



At the conclusion of the celebration, we usually conduct final shots, capturing the concluding moments of your special day.

We pay special attention to details and strive to capture every moment so that you can reminisce with pleasure and joy in the future.

Throughout the day, we aim to be professional, friendly, and attentive to your needs and preferences. We are ready to adapt to schedule changes and do everything possible to make your wedding day memorable and unforgettable.

Your wedding videos are stored with us indefinitely. In case of loss or damage to the video, you can contact us at any time for material restoration.

The process of booking a wedding videographer may vary depending on the policies of the specific videographer or videography studio, but typically it looks something like this:



You reach out to us, usually through our website, email, phone, or social media, to inquire about the availability of dates for your wedding.


2.Discussion of Details:


You discuss the date of your wedding, the venue, the duration of services, your budget, and any special preferences or requirements you may have regarding videography, as well as the choice of service package.


3.Signing the Contract:

Once all the details are discussed and agreed upon, we will provide you with a service contract. The contract will specify the terms, prices, deadlines, payment, and other important details.


4.Deposit and Booking:

To secure the wedding date, a deposit of usually 30% of the total cost of services is required. This confirms your intention to use the videographer's services on the specified date.


5.Confirmation of Booking:

After the deposit is received, we confirm your booking and reserve the date of your wedding on our schedule.


6.Remaining Payment:

The remaining balance for the services is usually paid before the wedding day or at the end of the wedding day.

1.Duration of Work: If the wedding videography extends beyond 6 hours, it is customary to provide meals and beverages to videographers and photographers. This helps sustain energy levels and concentration throughout the long working day.


2.Efficiency and Professionalism: Well-fed videographers and photographers can work more efficiently and professionally, potentially resulting in a higher-quality outcome for your wedding video.


3.Humanity: Videographers and photographers are also people, just like the other guests at your wedding who help you preserve memories throughout the day. They are your friends on this day and may even become friends after the wedding.

Drones are used when two operators are booked. They are utilized wherever possible, in locations where permitted, and weather permitting.

Yes, we offer an expedited editing service that allows you to receive the finished wedding video in a shorter timeframe. Typically, our standard editing timeline is up to 3 months after the shoot, allowing us to carefully process and create a quality video that reflects the unique moments of your wedding.


However, if you have a special need to receive the video faster, we offer expedited editing services. With this service, we pay extra attention to your project to maintain high quality and capture the atmosphere of your special day within a condensed timeframe.


Please contact us to discuss the details of your request and possible options for expedited editing. We are ready to accommodate your needs and do everything possible to ensure that your wedding video is ready within a convenient timeframe for you.

We are always happy to hear your suggestions and preferences regarding the editing. If you have any special moments or songs that you would like to include in the video, please let us know, and we will do our best to incorporate them into the film.

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